We would love to start building our next generation of Tree enthusiasts as young as possible. We are offering a prize of a Free App every month to each age group of school-going children – 8  years old and under and 9 years old and above for the most entertaining offering on the theme of

Create a tree

Children’s creations can be sent to us as a photograph, with the details of the method and the materials used as well as the child’s age please.

The materials can be literally any thing that can be moulded / shaped /designed; we are thinking along the lines of any branch or root of

paint               pencil              pen                  paper

cloth                cork                 clay

food                pastry             veggies           fruit

wood (of course)        or leaves                     or bark

glass                glues               gum                grains /seeds/nuts/cones

stones             and rocks

and any other creative thing you can think of

Here is our first winner! well done to
Isabella Trixie from Johannesburg 6 years old: recycled glass glued to a firm paper base. Caption LOVE trees.