The latest version of TheTreeApp SA contains brand new functionality allowing you to sync your Sightings across devices and with a website specifically created for this purpose. Here you can view your combined Sightings from all our apps, like TheTreeApp SA, BirdPro Sa & BirdPro KNP and Dragonflies SA. Many other apps are imminent!


Here is how you add a Sighting on TheTreeApp SA.

  • Go to the details of the species you wish to add.
  • Push Sightings tab in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Click Add.
  • The previously selected trip will be active as a default, but you can select a different trip by tapping on the bar related to trip. Choose the relevant trip, by scrolling through the box at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you wish to add a new ‘trip’, click Add/Edit tap to the right of the Trip bar. On the next screen again click Add, and fill in the required name in the typing box that appears. Click OK and then Done. This new category will now appear in the scroll down choices at the bottom of the Sightings screen.
  • You can fill in any data you wish to about that species in the notes box. The default date is the current date and default location is your current location, but these can both be changed. You can even add your own photos.

How to see all previous Sighting you have added on TheTreeApp SA.

  • Click on the Sightings button on the Home Screen and then choose the species off the Tree List that you wish to look at.
  • In the app you have the ability to filter by trip by clicking on the Filter button. Here you can select your trip of clear the filter.


How to Sync Sighting from TheTreeApp SA to the new user-friendly, online website.

  • Once you have your Sighting logged, go to the bottom of that Sightings screen OR go to Sighting from the home screen. Click the Sync Sightings bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • A screen will be displayed with log in fields. If you are not already registered, you first have to create a log in and password on the website by pressing the ‘Register on Website’ button. This will open the website on the Internet browser on your device, where you can create log in credentials.
  • Once your log in credentials are created, enter them in the app and click on ‘Log in’.
  • The ‘Sync Sightings’ button will become available once you are logged in which will allow you to upload and download all your sightings in one easy step.
  • Once your Sightings have been synced, you can open the website on your Internet browser by clicking on the ‘Visit Website’ button.


On the website, you have the ability to filter your Sightings by trip, date or any phrase included in notes. This makes it easy to create special lists of your Sightings. The results are displayed on a map with pins indicating all your sightings. You can click on any of the pins to see the details. You can also scroll through the list of Sightings in the table below the map and search for a specific species using the text search box.

Once you have defined a list, you can now also share this with friends by tapping the Share button and typing in the email address.

Enjoy these amazing, unique app features and tools.