It happens every year – there’s that one person who seems to have everything they want and need, so what do you buy them for Christmas? Well if it’s an outdoor enthusiast, look no further than this wonderful new app that takes the mystery out of tree identification.

TheTreeApp features more than 1,100 species including 979 indigenous trees and 135 invasive species.

Identification can be made using leaves, flowers, fruit, status, growth, form, woody features, thorns or latex. The number of potential options is reduced with every identifier until a positive identification can be made. The structure and terminology are designed to appeal equally to the layman as to those more familiar with the Latin terms and scientific information.

Here’s how:

If both you and the outdoor enthusiast in question are iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users, then you can dispatch your gift like a virtual Santa Claus directly from your own iPhone App Store.

Go to the app store on your iPhone / iPad and search for TheTreeApp. Click on the app’s icon then, to the right of the price (which is R499.99) click on the blue circle with three white dots and select ‘Gift’. Follow the prompts and complete the fields. You will need a name and email address for the recipient. You can include a 200-character message telling them just how much they mean to you. You can select the date you want the email to arrive with the recipient, as well as the theme of the electronic greeting card. Click buy and then proceed to checkout with the payment option you prefer, or if you’re already registered to process payments on your iPhone, this will happen automatically.

How to Gift TheTreeApp

If you are not an iPhone user but the gift-receiver is, then you can still gift the item by downloading iTunes and selecting the app there. Right click on the dropdown menu next to the app icon and select ‘Gift this app’ and follow the same process as above.

If your recipient is an Android user, i.e. Samsung, Lenovo, Sony etc, then you too can send off your gift by entering this link on your browser
Buy Google Play gift codes – Delivered Digitally –‎
and buying the R500 gift voucher which you send directly to your lucky person. Note this is a general voucher which can be used for ANY Google app so you need to specify in your gift note that you are gifting them TheTreeAPP South Africa, available on Google Play on their smart, outdoor, hand-held device.

This is a gift that never leave’s the recipient’s side, making it a great a conversation-starter on trips; something to ponder during quiet holiday moments; and a source of learning for the whole family.

Buy before the 25th December and we will send both you and your gift recipient a limited-edition leaf and fruit measuring sticky paper ruler to paste on your device. To be in line for this offer you need to send us both the email addresses and names, and a screen shot of your confirmed order/payment. Send this to

For more information, visit TheTreeApp’s website for more information.