TheTreeApp SA is releasing a wonderful new product in November – TheTreeApp Kruger.

As an additional feature there will be iconic trees marked throughout Kruger for visitors to enjoy. We need your help to identify Kruger’s most significant trees.

Send the name of your favourite tree specimen – in any language! – with the reason why you see that tree as significant. We also need the GPS coordinates and a clear photo. Send this to
You will help improve the app and aid users to identify different trees in the Kruger National Park. Any tree we validate and use in the app, will carry your name – for ever – in TheTreeApp Kruger.

There is no deadline for these entries. With an App we can always update at a later date. But if you HAVE what we need send it now and be the among first and we’ll feature them on Facebook!

Visit the Wild Card article here:

Featured tree: Iconic Leadwood Bushwillow, Combretum imberbe on Olifants Wilderness Trail. Photo by Ian Thomas.